Do you want to reach your full potential?  Are you getting maximum value from your life?

Take your life from average to extraordinary. Eliminate the excuses holding you back and step into your full potential to create a life you love.

This community is focused on helping you reach your full potential with and confidence.

Imagine that fear is no longer holding you back from what you really want to achieve.  What would you do?  What would you change?

You have the capacity within you to accomplish more in your life.  I can help you find it!


But  . . . when you create a life you love, everything changes. The experiences you have, the confidence you feel and the people you associate with improves.

If you:

  • Have an idea of what you want in life, but are struggling to regain the motivation to make it happen
  • Want to get clear on what “the next level” in your life and career should be (i.e., going solo, going in-house or striving to make partner)
  • Is overworked and exhausted, trying to achieve the ever elusive work-life balance you crave

You are not alone.

I’ve worked with dozens of attorneys exactly where you are.

And I created a thriving community of women lawyers waiting to support you too.

  • Gain deeper confidence in yourself and your voice
  • Have more fun! And enjoy your life and work so much more
  • Become secure in your brilliance, beauty, & power

  • Improve your relationships and communication
  • Reconnect with your big dreams
  • Identify and eliminate tolerations from your life
  • Embody the essence of a powerful and feminine leader
  • Reclaim your value and raise your rates or salary
  • Find a genuine community of sisterhood and support

I’m Lakeshia, Founder of

Coaching Attorneys & Life School for Lawyers

And Head Coach in the

Life School for Lawyers Community

I have worked with lawyers for over 30 years.  I have had literally thousands of conversations with hundreds of women lawyers exactly where you are now.

I designed the Attorney’s Salon specifically to help women lawyers get the support they need on their very unique journey.

This one-of-a-kind membership will provide you with monthly coaching, daily guidance, and support, plus a community of women lawyers just like you.

Each month you’ll get access to:

60-Minute Masterclass

Each month we’ll tackle a specific topic on a live 60-minute Masterclass.  Here’s a look at the upcoming schedule of classes:

  • May – Get Your Drive and Motivation Back
  • June – How to Set Achievable Next Level Life Goals
  • July – The Connection Between Clarity and Confidence
  • August – Slay Your Inner Critic
  • September – How to Make Self-Care a Priority Even When You Don’t Have Time For It

Workbooks + Action Sheets

Each Masterclass will have workbooks or actions sheets for you to prepare and keep to help you make rapid progress.

Exclusive Membership Community

Engage in a private Facebook group with other attorneys where you can share your challenges, ask questions, and learn how others balance it all. Plus, enjoy frequent Facebook videos where Lakeshia answers questions and discusses the most common challenges.

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You can join our Community for just $49/month

And, you have the option to cancel at any time.

The Life School for Lawyers Community is a monthly membership for women lawyers . . .

Click “Join Now” to get started in our community for just $49/month!

“I highly recommend Lakeshia Ekeigwe as a life coach and mentor. Her coaching style is both compassionate and empowering.  She is an insightful listener, hearing what is said and discerning what is not said.  She has the amazing ability to help individuals shift their challenges and obstacles into confidence boosters and gifts.  She has provided much-needed insights to me individually and to our firm, providing us with many “ah-ha” moments.  Her guidance and advice allow us to unclutter our minds and achieve a better understanding of ourselves and each other so we can become better people. Her grace and elegance coupled with her compassion make her one of the people I truly cherish in my life. At the end of the day, I know she will help me unearth the truth with care in her heart so I can become a better me. You will love working with Lakeshia, either one on one or as part of a group!”

Mei Tsang, Esq.
Mei Tsang, Esq.

The professional and amazing control you took over the training you led for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office made me realize I needed your help . . .  Your coaching sessions have been eye opening on many levels as you coached me to look squarely into the mirror and ensure that I am included in my benefits services package!  I have a changed mindset and a prosperous outlook complimenting my skills, accomplishments, and training thanks, in great measure, to you Lakeshia.

Janetta Kearney, Esq.Administrative Law Judge, Retired

I have had the privilege of getting coaching from Lakeshia.  After listening to her lectures and talking to her in our one-on-one private sessions, I truly know what she’s all about.  She’s a great, upbeat and intelligent person who has really helped set me on the right path.  Lakeshia’s coaching takes you on a deeper level by leading lawyers to seek their own personal “truth” and to confidently navigate their journey.”

Christine Kim, Esq.
Christine Kim, Esq.

I have been a lawyer for many years and I have never been taught or shown the things I learned in your Program.  You are an amazing Coach, Mentor and Trainer.  With the tools and training I received in your course, I know I will have a successful business.  Thank you for not only boosting my confidence, but showing me the way and telling what to do so that I get my business up and started.

Kathy S.Attorney