Life School for Lawyers Season 2 Preview

The Life School for Lawyers Podcast is relaunching in 2024! Listen to this episode for a brief preview of what’s to come, and we look forward to presenting the first episode of Season 2 soon.


Pam Donahoo

For nearly 20 years, Pam Donahoo has been the Chief Staff Executive/Executive Director at Mensa USA , serving more than 50,000 members across the United States.  Pam has mastered lessons of leadership and shares them with LeaderThinking.

Barri Carian

CEO & Founder, Carian Consulting 

Barri Carian works directly with business owners and CEOs to develop a road map and plan of action to grow their company.  She also runs a CEO Roundtable in Orange County, CA and offers peer-to-peer advice on opportunities and challenges for business owners and C Level executives.  Having an expertise in business partner intervention, she works with business partners who are not getting along to strengthen their relationship and get the business back on track.

Katie Frizzi

Staff Researcher, University of California at San Diego

Katie Frizzi uses life leadership lessons in her Neuroscience Research work and to serve as a mentor for the WiSE program which engages young women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), providing learning experiences in collaboration with the region’s research, industry and academic institutions. BE WiSE goals are to stimulate young women’s interest in STEM through interactions with professionals and develop a community of young women (grades 7 – 12) engaged in science learning through out-of-school activities.